Renee Ranieri

I've been seeing Oliva for about 3 years for chronic neck and shoulder issues, along with the everyday aches, pains and strains that go along with bodybuilding. I was referred to her by many as she is one of the best medical professionals in this field for the type of treatment I require. She is […]

Sunny Tagerh

I have been going to Olivia for about 2 years now for my shoulders. I got recommended her by a friend after years of treatment from other practitioners. She's helped me get to a point where I no longer in pain throughout the day. She uses all the tools at her disposal to make sure […]


Olivia’s knowledge of the human body and attention to detail is second to none! She is able to instantly dissect and treat all my nagging issues from years of beating up my body from landscaping and weight training. I appreciate all the research, time and effort she puts into mastering her craft and always putting […]

Prashanth Thayanithy

I’ve been to several massage therapists and hands down, Olivia is the best in the business. Some therapists will require you to make 3-4 visits and nowhere close to recovered, but no matter what issue I bring Olivia, she knocks out that issue in 1-2 visits. She’s everyone’s favourite healer, psychologist and a great friend.

Liz Etchen

I have been a regular client of Olivia’s for about a year and I wish I met her sooner!  I have seen many different practitioners in the past but no one like Olivia.  She is highly knowledgeable and very skilled at what she does.  She uses effective treatments that noticeably improved my mobility and muscle […]

Melanie Horton

As someone who has been training and competing in bodybuilding for over 20 years, I am more and more vigilant in making sure I seek out the best professionals to keep my body healthy.  I first met Olivia 5 years ago and was instantly impressed with the effectiveness of her treatments.  She has a specialized […]

Hyder Hussain

Well firstly I came in for quad and hamstring tightness that wasnt allowing me to fully extend my legs or sit comfortably and during training wasnt feeling the pump much from all the scar tissue build up,  after the first treatment I felt like I have brand new legs, new muscle separation, fully opened up […]

Martine Malette

When I came to see Olivia, I was pretty desperate and didn’t want to set my expectations to high because I didn’t want to feel the disappointment again. For almost 2 years now, I have a urine leakage problem with a bladder prolapse due to a tear in my pelvic floor. When it started, after […]

Granville Mayers

My name is Granville Mayers. I’m a 46 year old powerlifter, and gym owner.  I have a few different injuries. I’ve been dealing with pain for a long time. Roughly 8 months or so I booked my first appointment with Olivia. I was shocked at how great her treatment was. I felt better. I had […]

Andrea Canhas

Olivia was essential during my last prep to bring my best package to the competition, which resulted in a pro card. Her skill as well as her compassion lead me to refer my clients as well as my family members to have Olivia help with their recovery with various pre existing issues. I would certainly […]

Marco Ferrante

There’s no where else I’d get treatment from other than Olivia Zarik. The knowledge and understanding of the human body mixed with the human emotions that she has, and is able to target the underlying issues is remarkable. The kindness she treats me with as I know she does with every patient of hers means […]
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