Granville Mayers


My name is Granville Mayers. I’m a 46 year old powerlifter, and gym owner.  I have a few different injuries. I’ve been dealing with pain for a long time. Roughly 8 months or so I booked my first appointment with Olivia. I was shocked at how great her treatment was. I felt better. I had less pain. I was so happy and satisfied that I started booking weekly appointments. I’ve been seen by many. But nobody does it like Olivia. She definitely does have the Midas Touch. In December last year a few days after seeing Olivia I deadlifted 705 an all time personal best. My hip felt so good after getting treatment from Olivia. I recommend her to all of my clients friends and family. Olivia thank you for helping me get my body right and for all that you do. With Olivia on my team I’m be powerlifting well into my 50s. Once you start seeing Olivia you don’t need anything else. There’s no place where you will get what she does in one session. I highly recommend Olivia to anyone. Simply the best.

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